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Debt Dandy 213

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This young man made more than a few debts. He was even so stupid Debt Dandy 213 that he got caught stowing away. Now all his debts and fines were coming down to crush him. He needed quick help. He didn’t want to loose his nice flat.

By the way, his rich grandma paid him a nice sum of money every month and he still managed to spend more than he earned. He needed 22 000 Crowns. That wasn’t a problem for me. My only problem was being too damn horny. The previous client refused my offer and kicked me out with my sack full. This boy had to do. Nice and lean innocent boy…

Eventually he agreed to become my bitch of the day. He even let me fool around with his tight ass. It didn’t stay tight for long. I hope he cleaned his apartment after I left.

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