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I wanted to spice Czech Hunter 607 things up this time so I put on one of my sex toys before heading out hunting. It was snowing the whole night and I wasn’t looking forward to clearing snow off my car at all. Fortunately, I met David on the way to my parking spot.

He was a nice looking student so I decided not to drive anywhere today and try my luck with him instead. I just had to throw him a few Crowns and he took me to his place. It was a bit messy there as David recently moved in. I didn’t care much as long as I had a nice view at his beautiful body. The guy was a bit surprised when he pulled my pants down and saw the toy.

David wasn’t a stranger to wild sex parties so it didn’t freak him out. On the contrary, he wrapped his lips around my cock and gave me a great blowjob. I couldn’t wait to fuck his ass.

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