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Debt Dandy 218

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I put some nice new advertisement on the internet and it’s really working. This boy Debt Dandy 218 had seen the ad and decided to solve his lack of cash by getting a loan from me.

His departed grandfather left him an apartment that was undergoing renovation. Our poor boy couldn’t afford to finish it. Being without manual skills he had to hire workers, which is never cheap. I was asked to lend him 35 000. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but the boy was unemployed and living off benefits.

So, not exactly a trustworthy client. I wasn’t going to lend him a single Crown. He was cute enough to work it off. His slim body and innocent face were too tempting. I knew that 35 000 was too much even for him but what the hell! I have birthday next week, so I considered his hairy ass a little gift…

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