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College Dudes – Mike Lobo and Dante Drackis Flip Fuck

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Mike Lobo and Dante Drackis don’t make out for long before Dante’s satisfying his taste for cock by going down on Mike. Dante deepthroats Mike’s dick, pulling that cock balls deep into his mouth as Mike moans with each pass of Dante’s soft lips. Mike lays Dante back on the bed and gets a mouth full of Dante’s prick, taking that dick to the root as he covers it with his wet mouth while he jerks his own dick.

Mike’s cock is throbbing hard and ready for a tight ass as Mike Lobo bends Dante over the bed and enters him from behind, filling him up nice and slow.

Both guys moan as Mike fucks Dante’s tight hole, Mike letting out low, feral growls as he shoves his cock so deep into Dante’s ass. Turning onto his back, Dante spreads his legs wide apart and lets Mike pound him some more, taking every inch of Mike’s dick as he fucks him with slow, deliberate thrusts.

Reaching for his own uncut cock, Dante strokes his dick so that he’s rock hard when they flip, sliding his lubed up shaft into Mike’s puckered little asshole. Mike jerks his dick with his hand, rubbing his member until ropes of hot cum shoot from his prick and Dante pulls out to unload his jizz onto Mike!

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