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Menoboy – Versatile dudes

In Paris, apartment-sharing often prompts roommates to some kind of unexpected intimacy. Apartments are so small that when one roommate is getting ready to go to work, the other one has to take a shower a few inches away⦠But it can also have some advantages.

One knowing look and bam, the cutie that was getting ready grabs his roommate’s dick and jumps in the shower, with his clothes on. It starts with some hot oral sex session: the two roomies hungrily blow each other’s dicks. They are both well-hung and horny as hell. Then, the blond one spins his pal around, sinks to his knees to eat out his sweet hole and sticks his rock-hard dick in.

He starts pounding his cock deep into his roommate, who moans louder and louder. Since a shower is a nice place to start but not a very comfortable one, they take it to the bedroom where the blond hottie screws his friend non-stop. The two guys move to the rhythm of the blond top’s passionate thrusts. Then, when you might think that they are about to cum, they switch positions and the blond stud gets plowed by his pal. The second advantage of having a gay roommate is when you are both versatile.

You can have some nice and long ass-drilling sessions. The new top fucks his friend doggie-style on the bed and he screws him deep. They are both good tops and good bottoms. And they have some stamina! After getting boned, the blond hottie tops his buddy some more on his side and on his back. Is it me or is it hot in this apartment?

He ends up shooting his spunk on his roommate’s face. If being versatile has some great advantages, it is also likely to make them late if they do that every morning.

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