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TitanMen – Double Standard – Diesel Washington & Eric Moreau

Male Sex Toys 728X90

In his dark bedroom, the building manager (TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington) is looking lustfully at some photos of his favorite resident, Eric Moreau, when Eric coincidentally happens to call about some repairs. When Diesel arrives to take a look at Eric’s pipes, he finds Eric wearing only a towel.

After getting into a fight with his jealous boyfriend on the phone, Eric’s clearly distraught, and Diesel is eager to show him his rarely seen romantic side. Kneeling before Eric by the light of the fridge, he seductively feeds Eric pieces of fruit before letting Eric chow down on his fat cock. Positioning Eric on the counter, Diesel kisses him and sucks his rock-hard cock, and then finally jerks Eric’s cock to an explosive orgasm. After Diesel cums, he leads Eric into the shower where they continue to erotically explore each other’s bodies, their muscles glistening as they lather each other with soap.

Next, Eric leads Diesel Washington to his bedroom. With Eric’s legs pinned to his chest and strings of pre-cum leaking out of his cock, Diesel licks Eric’s quivering asshole, getting it ready for the unforgettable fuck he’s about to deliver. In one long plunge, Diesel slowly slides the entirety of his massive condomed cock deep into his partner, who’s squirming and moaning in sheer delight as Diesel slowly builds up cadence, fucking him harder and harder with each thrust.

Eric finally climbs on top of Diesel and impales himself on his dick, riding him until they both unleash their creamy loads.

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