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Blaisen Shon and King Bae

We already know King Bae is not shy in front of the camera and Blaisen Shon seems more than happy to be set up with this experienced player. Pretty soon after the camera starts rolling we have Blaisen down on his knees sucking on King’s semi hard cock. King plays with his own nipples while his erect cock grows fully hard in Blaisen’s warm mouth. King gets up so Blaisen can work on his cock some more; King starts fucking and slapping his fuckbuddy’s face with that hard monster of his. Blaisen lustily gags on King’s cock as King moans in ecstasy until Blaisen gets on all fours on the hotel chair so King’s cock can enter his glistening hole.

Blaisen is almost in disbelief as King Bae enters him; that cock is so big it stretches the innermost part of Blaisen’s hole. He can’t help but moan louder as King pumps faster and deeper, high-pitched moans escaping Blaisen’s mouth as he gets pumped by King Bae’s thick juicy cock.

They move to the bed where Blaisen can ride King Bae. He gets his stiff cock ridden cowboy-style until both of them have their eyes shut, mouths moaning with pleasure. Blaisen tries to ride the cum out of King’s cock but King has other plans; he moves Blaisen onto his back to starts pumping him faster.

Blaisen is in a haze of pleasure getting fucked exactly how he wants; every second King Bae gets deeper in Blaisen’s hole and closer to climax. Blaisen hole is slick with precum and King’s cock is about ready to erupt as he pulls out to jerk over Blaisen’s juicy ass. Not long after, King is pouring his hot load on the ass cheeks he was just fucking. He moans in pleasure as he squeezes the last of his hot cum onto Blaisen’s behind, slapping his fully erect cock through the pile of cum he blasted onto that mountain of ass. There’s no doubt Blaisen’s hole hasn’t had enough and we all know King Bae will be coming back for more of these juicy holes.


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