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BringMeABoy – Does Daddy Know – Al

I was taking a shower, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my stepson, Al, checking me out. I was already horny and had a raging hard-on. So when I caught him, I asked if he wanted my dick. Of course, my boy said yes, so I gave it to him. I held his neck as he took my hard dick down his throat.

He knows just how daddy likes it. He then took his clothes off and continued sucking my cock until I saw how stiff his cock was and had to show it some daddy love. But that doesn’t mean his ass was in the clear. I bent him over the couch, and after some spit, I slid my finger then cock inside his tight hole.

I forgot how well my dick fit in his butt. I fucked him until he came all over his stomach while I plowed his ass. Then I shot my load on his cock. Just what I needed before work.

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