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BringMeABoy – Making Daddy Strip Me – Kyle

My stepson is such a messy boy. I enjoy spending time with him, but it can be… demanding. He begged me to get some ice cream, so like any good dad, I got him some and we went back to my apartment.

I don’t know whether his long floppy hair gets in his eyes, but he kept missing his mouth and dropped the ice cream on his clothes. I took his t-shirt off followed by his shorts. Wow, I forgot what a tight lean and smooth body he has. Is it wrong that I started touching him? He didn’t seem to mind as before long his was grabbing my cock through my own shorts then putting it in his mouth. He has got such a sweet hole, so I slid in a finger getting it nice and loose.

I wonder how many cocks the boy has had up there? I was sure going to add mine to the list! He was so tight and he knew exactly what he was doing – taking my entire cock balls deep. I wonder if his boyfriend knows that his stepdad fucked him bareback?!

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