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RawFuckClub – Daddy Doesn’t Approve

My stepson, Andy, has turned my world upside down since I married his mom a year ago. He walks around in the smallest clothes, especially his undies, and it drives me crazy. One day, he was heading out and walked into my bedroom to let me know.

As soon as I saw him, my dick started twitching, but I played it off. I told him how horrible he looked and started to undress him while groping on his cock. I pulled his undies down and started stroking Andy’s cock until it was hard. It was thicker than I expected, but his pre-seed tasted as good as I imagined. Then he sucked on my cock, and it was great.

That lad has sucked cock before, and he was good at it. It made me wonder how good his hole would feel wrapped around my cock. So when it was time, he popped my cock out of his mouth and took a seat. I fucked Andy until it was time for us both to cum.

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