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BoyNapped – Daniel Hausser – Educating A Fit New Boy – Part 1

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Daniel Hausser can be actually really a cute boy from California, just visiting for just a little while still eager to explore after a kinky encounter having a Grindr hook-up whet his appetite.

The fit and slender child will probably be checked out by Master Kane, his shirt off showing a sporty build. Once naked his haired penis is about to be played, but maybe perhaps not before the twink has been procured by Master with ropes that are painful and placed a blind fold over the boy’s eyes. Tightly jumped and decked out into the scaffold Master may get to do the job, using pins to pinch the boy sucking the coming’s and s flesh cock.

When grasp has left the boy support in with a extra cable, preparing to rip the pins from his 29, there’s interesting spin. Watch as Master Kane turns the scaffold, tugging the pins out of your boy’so human body! Master has been hard at work developing with devious approaches to torment his sons, but this is certainly a surprise.

Matters aren’t over for Daniel, although it’s right this new toy is used on such a distinctive visitor. Stay for parts two and three!

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