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CockyBoys – Puppy Play – Edward Terrant and Leo Louis

New CockyBoys Exclusive Leo Louis makes his debut in a very special way, exploring puppy play with Edward Terrant in an art film by Raphael Massicotte & Stephen Sherman!

Fully geared up as Leo’s pup, Edward whimpers and nuzzles his snout on Leo’s crotch and his devotion is finally rewarded with Leo playing with his ass and his butt plug tail. After removing his “tail” Leo eats out Edward’s hole and caresses his smooth body before giving him what he really wants: his beer can cock. Edward hungrily sucks Leo through his puppy mask and goes as deep as he can.

Leo Louis takes Edward to the next level by fucking him from behind. Leo starts off slowly to give Edward’s hole time to expand and get accustomed to his cock’s girth, then pounds him harder & faster in full doggy style. After easing up, Leo flips Edward on his back to drill him hard and he keeps this intense momentum when he takes him from behind again. Edward moans louder as he gets closer but Leo switches in up again by fucking him on his back on top of a large upright tire.

Now both guys are immersed in pleasure, even in the seemingly awkward position. At last Leo Louis goes over the edge and shoots his load all over Edward’s hole which he pumps back into once more. Leo then nuzzles Edward who lets go and shoots his intense load, made extra thick & huge from the long edging.

That’s not all! Stay tuned for a post-sex Q&A with Leo and an unmasked Edward as they talk about themselves, their roommates-with-benefits relationship, their gear & puppy play, the artistic style of this porn scene and more!

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