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Misha Molotov – SPANKING

Misha Molotov watches as his tormentor arrives. He attaches shackles to Misha’s wrists and then fastens them over the head. The Misha’s hairy chest is rubbed and his groin is groped through the jeans. The hands slap on Misha’s chest and his nipples are pulled too. The jeans are opened and a hand hits on Misha’s cock in his underwear. The jeans are then pulled off, leaving just his underwear which bulges with his hard cock. The underwear is adjusted and that cock is slapped and groped. Then the balls are pulled out of the underwear and the cock is shown too.

That cock is rock hard and gets a quick wank. The chest is slapped more too. The underwear is removed, fully exposing the hard cock and the balls. That cock is wanked and the balls are rubbed as well. Then clamps are attached to the balls and pulled tight as the cock is wanked hard. The chain is wrapped around the balls and clamped more. Misha’s dick stays rock hard and has oil rubbed all over it. That oily dick is wanked and the hairy chest is spanked. Misha’s thighs are spanked too. A whip appears and teasingly wraps around the cock.

That cock gets spanked hard too. The chest is whipped, and then the thighs too. That throbbing cock is wanked more and spanked again too. Misha’s legs are raised exposing his hot ass hole as his cock is wanked and spanked. The clamps are removed from the balls and that hot ass gets spanked. The heavy hands land repeatedly on the ass cheeks and on the thighs. Misha is turned onto his right side, with his cock and balls trapped between his thighs. His ass gets whipped and then spanked hard. Oil is rubbed over the ass on onto that tight hole. A finger rubs over the hole and then pushes inside as the ass is spanked more.

That finger fucks deeper into Misha’s ass hole as his chest is spanked too. He is moved, onto his knees, presenting his ass which gets spanked hard. The whip is used on that ass too. The cheeks colour well as they are spanked hard while two fingers fuck that hot hole. Misha is then allowed to sit up, shackles removed, and he wanks his cock as clamps are attached to his nipples. The wanking continues and the clamps are removed as Misha shoots his load. His dick is milked dry to end his session.

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