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Nico Vegas – SPANKING

Nico Vegas is on the bed, gagged and with his hands tied over his head. He is wearing only his jeans as he moans and struggles against the ties. His tormentor arrives and begins to pull on Nico’s nipples. Nico moans as the nipples are pulled and the chest is smacked. A hand rubs his groin too and feels all over the sexy chest. Then Nico’s belt is removed and used to hit on that hot body.

The jeans are opened and pulled off, showing Nico’s underwear. The hands spank on the thighs and then one gropes the underwear too. That underwear is pulled down a little, releasing Nico’s cock. Then the underwear is off and a hand grabs the cock. Oil is dripped onto the cock and the balls and a hand rubs it all over. That cock starts to grown as it is wanked. The big, bulbous, head glistens with oil as the cock is slapped. Nico’s balls are squeezed too. Then some rope is wrapped around the balls and the cock and tightly tied.

Clothes pins are attached to the balls too and the cock is wanked hard. That sexy body is smacked more too. More oil is dripped onto the rock hard cock, which is then wanked more. Nico is then turned over, onto his knees. His hot ass hole is fully exposed as his wrists are shackled behind him. A finger slides deep into that hot ass hole. The sexy ass gets spanked hard too. Then the clothes pins are removed from the balls. The rope is undone too. Then that sexy ass gets whipped as Nico keeps moaning.

The ass is spanked and so are Nico’s thighs. He it then turned over again with hands above his head. More oil is applied and that big cock is wanked as a hand hit over the body. That big dick gets so hard as it is wanked. Nico moans loudly and his hips start to thrust as the cum shoots out of his big cock, to land all over his hot body. That cock in milked dry and the tender head is rubbed. Nico jerks as the tender dick is wanked more. Then that sexy chest gets a few more slaps too.

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