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No Way Out Punishment – Steve Takes It Hard (Steve Video 1)

When 18 year-old Steve pitched up, I assumed that, given his age, he’d probably take a bit of spanking and I could show you all his ass and that would be it.


What I didn’t know was that Steve had been disciplined by his very own step-father … and he’d been spanked GOOD and HARD.

For years, Steve was thrashed for various misdemeanors.

It was only when he told me this that I realized … this guy was going to be awesome. All I had to do was pick up where his step-dad left off and spank him into next week.

“Steve Takes It Hard for No Way Out” is the first time ever all that work can be enjoyed and Steve is still one of our top 3 most popular guys EVER.

You have to see his bubble butt being punished to know why.


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