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STR8Hell – Alexandr Jander – SPANKING

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Alexandr Jander is really a very hot guy. As he lays down, face, on the bed, blindfolded, gagged and shackled he appears so excellent. His ass is bare too in his jockstrap as soon as his tormentor spanks and arrives on this bum.

Alexandr Jander twitches and writes because of the thick hands soil on his hot bum. He yells because he feels his ass cheeks red and getting sore. Alexandr’s legs straddle and has been spank the buttocks that is hot. A riding crop is used on such an butt. Moved on his knees Alexandr’s bum is spread nicely exhibiting his hot hole. The hands spank and rub on the buttocks and grab in the cock and balls. A thumb is pushed into this ass hole, going into deep and nice.

Because he feels this hole being occupied Alexandr yells. That hot bum is spanked also. Subsequently there is the dildo rubbed over the hot ass hole and soon pushes deep inside. The toy fucks his ass and balls and his cock really are groped. The hole that is the hot feels the thumb pushing in back again. Also the gag and changing position and blindfold eliminated Alexandr Jander is about his back legs in the air. The ass hole was fully exposed by that as a hand rubs over the cock and balls. Oil is put on the penis and also the hands rub it wanking on the penis of Alexandr. Oil rubbed over the hole and is directly put on the buttocks. The thumb slides and again fucks.

That hot ass is really so. Your toy has been pushed back into the hole. The toy fucks that hole, as it pulled out again and is fucked all the manner in. Your pit is left handed heavy, and then roughly. The buttocks continues too buttocks Alexandr’s cock and balls are grabbed also. Subsequently the legs of Alexandr are reduced and then he wanks himself into some nice cumshot.

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