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Str8Hell – Luky Kolac – SPANKING

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Luky Kolac is blindfolded, gagged, shackled and wearing only a jockstrap as, on his knees, he wriths around. He feels a riding crop on his ass as his tormentor gets to work. The ass is felt by a hand as the strap are wedged in his ass crack. The crop rubs over the crack too. Then all the straps are pulled up the ass crack as hands spank on the cheeks.

The hand land heavily on those ass cheeks as they begin to colour. The jockstrap is pulled off the ass and the cheeks are spanked hard. A finger rubs against Luky’s tight hole too. The the crop is in action hitting on those ass cheeks. The cheeks are spread wide to show Luky’s tight hole. Oil is dripped into the ass crack and a finger rubs it over the hole. The ass is spanked as the finger rubs the hole and then slips inside. That finger fucks deep into Luky’s ass and starts to fuck as the spanking continues. Then the finger is removed and the cheeks are spread for a hole inspection. That red ass looks sore from the spanking and it gets more.

The hands are used as well as the crop and the holle is checked again. Soon a nice fat vibrator is pushed deep into that ass hole and is fucked in and out. That really opens up the hole as it stays in place while the crop hits on that ass some more. The ass hole gets the toy for a while and then Luky Kolac is turned over and his legs are in the air as his cock is wanked and his hot hole is fully exposed. The ass gets more of the heavy hands which also spank his thighs.

His big cock is rock hard too and it is wanked and then spanked as well. The toy is fucked into his ass again, going deep as he is spanked again. The the vibrator comes out and that hole is fingered hard. The ass cheeks are so red from being spanked and they get more. as two fingers work the hole. Moved onto his shoulders Luky’s ass is in the air and gets more oil and some hard fingering. Fingers from each hand push into that hole, opeing it up well. Then after more of the crop Luky is allowed to lay back and wank himself as his chest is slapped too.

He keeps wanking until his shoots his hot cum onto his body. The tormentor grabs the spent cock and milks it to make sure every drop is released.

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