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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Jakub Slizsky – SPANKING

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Jakub Slizsky struggles against his shackles as he kneels on the bed, bindfloded and with his ass exposed in his jockstrap. As he struggles he feels the riding crop and the hands grabbing all over him. The hands spank on his sexy ass as he continues to struggle. The straps are pulled up into his ass crack and the hands hit hard on that sexy ass.

One hand covers his mouth as the other whacks his ass. That hot ass colours well as it is spanked so hard. The riding crop whacks the ass too and then a hand rubs all over it. The underwear is removed and hands spread the cheeks to show the tight hole. Moaning and begging to be released Jakub feels the heavy hands on his ass. With that ass so red and sore Jakub Slizsky feels his cock and balls being grabbed too. He gets more riding crop and a lot more spanking too on that tender ass. Jakub is mover onto his shoulders with his legs over his head to really expose his ass. The cheeks are spread to show the hole and it gets spanked too.

The hands keep spanking hard on the ass. He is laid on his back, with the blindfold off too, for more spanking with hand and crop. Then the cock and balls are grabbed as well. That cock is wanked as his hole is fully exposed. A vibrator is pushed into that tight hole as well and fucks deep as his cock is wanked. Jakub moans as the toy fucks deep into his hot little hole.

Then it is removed and the ass is spanked some more. That toy goes back into the ass to fuck deeply. Then Jakub has to shoot his hot cum too, which lands on his sexy body.

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