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William Higgins – Str8hell – Peto Mohac – MILKING MEN

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Our sexy Peto Mohac is wearing just his underwear as he is gagged, blindfolded and shackled on the massage table. He feels hands running over his hot body and groping his underwear.

The hands release the cock from the underwear. Then the balls are out as well and oil is dripped on them. One hand rubs the cock and balls to coat them in oil as the other hand runs over Peto’s sexy chest, tweaking his nipples too. The underwear is removed and Peto’s cock is wanked har as his hair is pulled too. That cock gets rock hard as it is wanked. The gag is removed from his mouth and then oil is dripped onto his thick, hard, cock. The dick is wanked hard taking him right to the edge.

His hips lift as that cock throbs in the helping hand. Peto’s blindfold is removed too and that cock is teased, not allowing it to cum yet. His balls are pulled too as the cock stands stiffly to attention. Peto is then moved and his wrists are shackle to his ankles, showing off his hot ass hole too, as that cock is wanked again. The hands rub over the ass and the tight hole. That hole feels a finger tapping against it and then pushing inside as the cock is wanked fast.

The finger fucks Peto’s hot ass hole nice and deep. The hole needs more and soon a vibrator is pushing deep inside fucking hard. The cock is rock hard too and is wanked fast. Then Peto is laid on his back and his cock is wanked again. This time the wanking continues until the cock gives up the creamy cum.

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