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TitanMen – Dean Flynn & Riley Scott & Rodney Steele & Ryann Wood & Trojan Rock

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Logan pays a visit to his old buddy Ryann Wood, who promptly strips down to his loose-fitting blue boxers and flexes his rock hard dick at Logan. When their old teacher Rodney Steele walks in, dressed in a spiffy suit, Ryann Wood and Rodney show Logan “the box”.

It’s purpose quickly becomes clear as Logan sticks his big stiff dick through a hole in the box and Rodney gorges himself on it, choking as he sucks Logan’s meaty bone down his throat. Hot, young Riley Scott shows up in his marine uniform followed by lean, furry TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn and rugged muscle stud Trojan Rock.

Trojan sticks his hard cock through a hole in the box and Ryann starts to nurse and tongue Trojan’s bulging cockhead, then swallows each thrust of Trojan’s hard pole to the base. Riley unzips his fly, pulls out his cock and starts stroking as he watches the action. Rodney finally pulls his dick out of his dress pants and wraps his fist around it as he gobbles down Logan’s engorged member. Dean facefucks Riley, and Rodney strokes away on Logan’s cock until Logan dumps a big sticky load on the floor.

Riley and Rodney spit lube Dean’s long dick and take turns stroking and sucking it furiously. The three studs get in circle jerk formation and Rodney and Dean pump out gobs of cum on the floor.

Meanwhile, Ryann’s furiously stroking Trojan’s cock, making him eventually splatter the floor with his spunk, then Ryann Wood jerks himself off and sprays the side of the box with jizz.

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