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Alphamales – Rich Kelly Fucks Dolan Wolf

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Rich Kelly, with his full beard and furry chest, the perfect top to get to work on your ass! Dolan Wolf can’t resist and opens the scene slurping on Rich’s fully erect slab of meat. Pushing his bottom man’s head down into his lap, Dolan nearly loses breath on this hard and fast throat fucking, but keeps on going back for more, just as we all know he would!

Flipping his man around, Rich takes his pleasure on Dolan’s hairy fuzzy ass, spitting and licking his puckering hole, making it ready for the firm fucking he’s about to give! Dolan’s face is a picture of hunger as Rich’s beard tickles that ass and then flips him once more, getting penetrated right there on the sofa, Rich working up a slippery sweat over his conquest, both hairy hunks building to a cum soaked finale, Dolan wanked off until he shoots and Rich completing the climax as his own load joins Dolan’s furry ass.