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Douglas & Gabriel & Danilo Lima – O Amigo Do Meu Primo

Male Sex Toys 728X90

I don’t know why I’m so crazy and I’m very horny every time I see a straight or virgin guy. I love to try sexual desire for a male ass in my straight friends and acquaintances. I’ve turned 18 and caught 47 guys.

The penultimate one was my cousin and the last one was my cousin’s friend. I know I shouldn’t do these things, but my mouth and ass keep on throbbing and salivating when a hot boy appears. The first thing I think about isto be fucked when I imagine that the guy has a big, thick cock, and I’m happy when I unzip it and realize that what I imagined was real.

A big dick for me. This friend of my cousin is a wonderful man. Accepts put that scented cock until the balls be spread out of my ass! And he put me to suck his dick and when he was fucking me my cousin arrived (caught us in red hands) and he was pissed.

But as I know that he is a wanker and always has a hard-on, his morale would go down fast and he would have sex with us, and that’s what happened! Watch in this video how my cousin Douglas and Gabriel, his friend, fucked me! Danilo Lima.

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