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Broke Straight Boys – Sebastian Lee Jerks Off

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Sebastian Lee is newcomer here on the BSB set and this sexy stud is ready to show us what he has to offer in his solo scene. He strips his clothes off and shows off that hot body and it’s clear this guy spends a lot of time at the gym!

When the underwear come off he sits back on the bed and takes his dick in his hand, stroking it slowly as he closes his eyes and focuses on getting himself hard. He touches himself standing up, his big muscles flexing as his hand works that hard cock, and when he lies down on the bed he thrusts his hips with each stroke.

He lubes up his knob with his own spit and yanks on that long shaft, his balls bouncing as he masturbates himself and leans his head back in pleasure. He runs his free hand along his thighs, balls and chest, pumping that dick harder and faster as he gets closer to shooting his load. His muscles tense up and his breathing quickens and he finally strokes out a nice big load, letting the cum fall onto his stomach as he rides out the orgasm!