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ChaosMen – 2754 – Jax Phoenix Solo

We find Jax Phoenix reclining on the bed in his blue briefs as he gives us a candid interview.

I know we have a number of foot-lovers amongst our membership so I made sure to showcase how much Jax seems to enjoy playing with his feet throughout the interview.

Jax reveals that he’s really into twinks, though he doesn’t exclude anyone. It really depends on the chemistry.

Jax pulls off his briefs and reveals a LONG, hard, fat 8.5″ cock. He immediately gets to work stroking it, legs spread and toes curling with pleasure.

He reaches over and grabs the lube, pumping some into the palm of his hand before placing a thumb against the top of his cock and getting right back to stroking, his tight sack bouncing as we see his entire body tense and relax.

As Jax approaches climax, he lets out a loud moan and fires off ropes and ropes of cum all over his belly, thigh, and the bed. The camera pans down Jax’s body, showcasing the mess he’s made.

Stay tuned for more from Jax!

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