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ChaosMen – Henri Michaels Solo

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Henri Michaels is Aidan Anthony’s mum, and about a prior visit we talked about them performing a scene together. Of course, I wished to get some nice pics of himand have a look at his solo skills first.

Henri, as he says himself, is a Electricity Bottom. He enjoys big cocks naturally, but it’s not a requirement because of him. He simply loves to be fucked hard.

Together with his shaved head it’s not easy to tell he is a red-head, however with his ginger beard, and pubes, you could tell he is a ginger.

The both of them came, however, Aidan was up first to fuck another man. Henri Michaels would pop now and then, and watch his boyfriend power fuck another dude. He was clearly turned-on, but retained his hard cock in his sweats, massaging it until his cock head and piercing have been poking over the top.

After both men blow their load, so we immediately hustled them out of the space, tidied up a little, and Henri was hard and excited to dismiss off his own load.

About halfway through the fire, Aidan returned from showering and stumbled on the other street, encouraging his boyfriend to wear a show for us.

After essentially edging himself for 90 minutes seeing his boyfriend fuck someone else, Henri takes a really power load which can only be described as explosive. The butt plug in his ass helped a lot too!

Henri Michaels is going to be back a week to get fucked from Aidan. Although some may be trying to find romance, I suspect we’ll get to find out what a piggy bottom Henri is!