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Military Classified – Cunningham

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Today i’m introducing a new recruit to the MilitaryClassified line-up and your buddy Rob has been working overtime getting new talent to the ranks so I hope everyone is enjoying the new faces.

Today Rob meets Cunningham, former Marine, out in Cali making his mark and runs into me looking to make money… ahh i love those circumstances! Rob not only pays this stud cash but also scares him at how hard he busted and to the point of exhaustion!

Cunningham is a typical Marine, all American looks, bulky, hairy and with the dick of death! He’s smooth bodied and uncut which are two of my favorites so it didn’t take me long to settle into this one. I had gone through the motions of contracts and paperwork and soon we were in my workroom choosing porn and getting the cameras warmed up. Cunningham was cool as a cucumber for being his first time.

Once his clothes came off I was floored by his hockey stick! long, hard and slight curved forward! I wasted no time in kneeling down in front of that monster and begin my work. I began a very thorough ball licking and I mean thorough. I licked and then took both nuts, the whole sack, in my mouth which drove him crazy and his cock was rock hard before I even went there.

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