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Mykyta Belikov – MILKING MEN

Mykyta Belikov is on the bed feeling himself all over as a helper arrives. The helper shackles Mykyta’s wrists over his head and then begins to feel him all over. The hands rub Mykyta’s groing, then open his jeans and pulls them off. His dick bugles in his underwear it gets groped. The stiff dick is pulled out of the underwear and a hand starts wanking it. The balls are out too and get felt as the stiff dick is wanked.

Then the underwear is removed, giving better access. Oil is dripped onto Mykyta’s cock and balls. A hand rubs it all over them, squeezing the balls too. The oily dick is wanked too, quickly getting Mykyta close to cumming. More oil is applied too as that cock is wanked and taken to the edge. The cock and balls are tied up and then oiled more too. Mykyta’s legs are raised too, exposing his hot ass hole as his dick is wanked. A finger slides deep into the hot hole and fucks it as the cock is wanked. That hole takes the finger well as it is fucked.

Mykyta’s cock is wanked hard too. Then a dildo is fucked up that ass hole while the cock is being wanked. The hungry hole gets fucked deep with the toy as the cock is wanked hard. That cock is taken to the edge as it is wanked. The tight hole gets a great workout too, as the toy fucks so deep. The cock is wanked hard and fast as Mykyta’s ass gets fucked.

With the toy working deep in his hole Mykyta cant hold off and his hot cum shoots out of his cock. That dick is then milked dry to get every last drop, while his hungry hole is fucked more. Then the toy is removed too.

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