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Ondrej Seno – MASSAGE

Ondrej Seno looks very good as he strips down to his underwear, ready for a massage. He lays, face down, on the sofa to await the masseur. The masseur soon arrives and takes some oil into his hands as he begins his work. The hands massage Ondrej’s shoulders and neck. Ondrej is very relaxed as his neck is massaged. Each arm, in turn, is bent up the back as Ondrej’s shoulders are massaged deeply.

Then the hand begin to massage further down the back too. Soon the underwear is pushed down, exposing Ondrej’s sexy ass. The hands massage the ass cheeks too. Then the underwear is removed and the oily hands work all over the hot ass and down Ondrej’s legs too. More oil is used to massage the feet too. Then attention moves back up to the sexy ass.

Ondrej’s cock is pulled back through his legs as hie hot ass hole is exposed. A hand wanks on the stiff cock as the ass hole is shown off well too. Then two hands spread the ass cheeks wider too. Ondrej’s cock glistens with oil as it is wanked. His hairy ass hole is shown well too as the hands spread the cheeks. Ondrej moves onto his knees, letting his ass cheeks spread naturally. His cock is oiled and wanked back through his legs as the hole is shown off. A finger slides into the tight hole and gently fucks it as the cock is wanked.

Soon the thick cum is ejected onto the sofa as the cock is wanked whiel a finger fucks deep into the ass hole. Then Ondrej turns over onto his back. His stiff cock is wanked more as he relaxes with his hands behind his head. Soon his cock releases a second cumshot as it is wanked hard. The cock is milked dry too as a lovely massage comes to an end.

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