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Str8Hell – Jan Blatnik vs Martin Hlozek – WRESTLING

Jan Blatnik is paired against Martin Hlozek in a submission wrestling match. They are a couple of cute guys who look good in their underwear as the warm up with some stretching. Then they start the match. They push against each other and it takes a little time before Martin manages to get Jan on the floor. Then they grapple with each other as they roll around on the mats.

Soon Martin’s underwear is down and his hot ass is exposed. Jan’s comes down too so that both are naked as the bodies are closely entwined. Martin straddles Jan and tries to rub his dick over his opponents face. Continuing to grapple Jan is soon astride Martin. They roll around in close contact, trying to gain a decent hold.

Jan Blatnik prevails and forces the first submission. With dicks hard and poking out in front they begin round 2. Soon Martin is rubbing his dick over Jan’s face as he sits on his chest. He tries to pin Jan to the floor as they roll around. He manages to win the round. Then he quickly gains another point too, after grabbing at Jan’s cock and balls. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. The oily bodies slide all over the floor as they resume the match. Jan Blatnik is able to level the score.

Then, sliding all over the place the get to grips with each other again. The bodies rub together as each tries for the winning hold. It is Jan who prevails to win the match. Then they settle down to wank. Once hard they wank each other for a while. Wanking themselves again it is Jan who is the first to shoot his hot cum.

Martin watches closely as Jan dumps his load. Then he too shoots his hot cum. After milking his cock he suggests they go off to the shower to clean up.

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