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Str8Hell – Peto Mohac – HOT ASS

In a lovely Dreamset we have our sexy Peto Mohac and his very hot ass. He looks so good as he quickly bares his chest. Then he steps out of his pants to be standing in only his bulging underwear. Peto runs his hands over that sexy body and on to his underwear. His cock is soon rock hard in that underwear as Peto gropes himself. Then he turns to show his covered ass. He rubs that ass, and slowly lowers the underwear to show it off.

As he squeezes his cheeks his hairy hole is glimpsed too. Then the underwear is pulled up to cover that ass again. Peto squats to stretch the fabric over his hot ass. Reaching back he gives the ass a few spanks too. Pulling the underwear aside he gives a good view of his hot hole. Then the underwear is off and that hot ass hole is fully exposed as Peto squats. He rubs his ass as he shows off his hole. Then he kneels on the bed, still showing that inviting hole. He rubs his ass as he feels his cock too.

The hole gets spread wide as the cheeks are pulled apart. A helping hand arrives too as Peto Mohac shows off his ass. Oil is dripped onto his hole and a hand rubs it in. A finger rubs against the tight hole and pushes inside. Peto strokes his stiff cock as he feels the finger in his ass hole. That hot hole is fingered deep. Then the finger comes out and more oil is dripped onto the hotl. Peto keeps wanking himself as two fingers are pushed into his hole. The fingers work Peto’s hole, fucking deep into it. More oil is applied too and soon three fingers are pushed into the hole. That hole opens up the receive the fingers as they fuck it. Peto Mohac rubs his balls and cock as he feels the fingers stretching his hot hole. Then it is time to try four fingers, More oil is used and the four fingers fuck into that eager hole.

When the are removed the hole gapes before closing. A dildo is needed and soon appears. It is shoved deep into Peto’s ass and starts to fuck. His dick stays rock hard as he feels the toy working his ass. The dildo is removed and is soon replaced by a larger, fatter one. It pushes against that ass hole which is stretched wide as the toy goes in. Peto Mohac moans as he feels his hole being stretched wide. That hole gapes as the toy is removed. Then Stefan lays on his back, holding his legs in the air. Another toy is shoved into his hole and his oiled cock is wanked hard too. That hot hole gets fucked by the vibrator. It gapes when the toy comes out.

The toy goes in and out of that hole as the cheeks are spread wide. The hot hole stays wide open when the toy comes out. The stiff cock is wanked too as the hole is fucked deep. Peto holds his ass cheeks wide apart as his cock and balls are oiled and then the dick is wanked. The stiff cock soon gives up the hot cum too. It is milked dry as Peto keeps his hole spread for all to see. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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