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Str8Hell – Sasa Jelinek – HOT ASS

Sexy and slim Sasa Jelinek looks very good as he rubs his bare chest. A helper arrives and also feels that slim chest as Sasa gropes himself. Sasa’s wrists are shackled behind his head. Then the hands feel over his chest again. Oil is dripped onto the chest and rubbed all over. A hand reaches into Sasa’s shorts too. Then the shorts are taken down and off to release his big, stiff, cock.

The cock is stroked and then the balls are rubbed too. Oil is dripped onto them and rubbed in. That cock is rock hard as a hand plays with it. The big dick is wanked as the balls get tight. Then the balls are squeezed and rubbed too. Sasa’s legs are raised into the air to expose his hot ass hole. The hole is rubbed as his big cock is wanked too. A finger slips deep into that hot ass hole and starts to fuck in and out. The cock is wanked too as that ass hole is fingered deep. The the finger is removed to show off the hole again.

More oil is applied, and rubbed over the hole. The fingering resumes as the big dick is wanked hard and fast. Then two fingers push deep into that ass hole. They fuck the ass, stretching it wide as the big dick is wanked as well. The big cock stays so hard as the hole is fingered. Soon a vibrator is presented to the hot hole and pushes insidoe. The hole opens up to take the toy as the big cock is wanked more too. Sasa is turned over, onto his knees, showing off the hole still.

The fingers go back into the hole, to fuck nice and deep. The big dick is pulled back between the legs to be wanked more . Then the hole opens up as the cheeks are spread wider. Soon the toy goes back into the tight hole to fuck some more as the dick is wanked. The hot hole is fucked deep by the vibrator, pulling out and sliding back in.

The hole gapes a little too as the toy is removed. Then Sasa Jelinek is turned over to sit in the chair again. His big cock is wanked more after being oiled again. Soon the hot, creamy, cum flies out of that big cock as it is wanked again.

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