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William Higgins – Erik Uhras – EROTIC SOLO

Erik Uhras is aged 32 and he lives in Pardubice. He has a job and in his spare time he enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. He sits on the bed and does his interview. Then, sitting on the end of the bed Erik begins to feel his body through his clothes. He slides hands under his tee shirt to feel his chest. Then he takes off his tee shirt and feels all over that chest.

He opens his jeans and reaches in to release his cock. He pushes down his jeans and leans back as he start to wank on his stiffening cock. He continues to wank his dick for a while and then raises his legs to show off his ass and his tight hole too. Erik rubs his ass, and the hole as he continues wanking himself. He uses both hands to spread the ass wider and to rub over his hole too. Standing up he bends a little as he wanks his cock and reaches back to feel his sexy ass.

Again he uses both hands to spread the ass wide apart. Then Erik Uhras sits on the floor and continues to wank himself. That stiff cock soon unloads the squirting cum onto the rug below. Erik milks his cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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