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William Higgins – Ivan Alexov – HELPING HAND

Ivan Alexov is such a sexy guy. He looks great as he feels over his hot, clothed, body. He raises his tee shirt to rub his torso. Feeling his hard body. Then the tee shirt is removed and he feels over his sexy chest. He runs his hands all over the chest and gropes his jeans too. Then Ivan removes his jeans and starts to feel himself in his through his underwear.

He continues to grope himself when he sits up. The hot body is shown so well too as he feels over it. Ivan Alexov removes his underwear and wanks on his cock as he feels his chest as well. That stiff dick looks so good in his hand. The balls are tight as the stiff cock is wanked. Ivan lifts his legs and shows off his ass and his hairy hole, as well as the soles of his feet, while he continues wanking.

He rubs his sexy ass too as he wanks. Then both hands rub over the hot ass, pulling on the tight hole in the process. Then Ivan Alexov turns over, onto his knees, and presents that sexy ass again as he wanks his cock down between his thighs. He does a great job of showing off his hot ass as he wanks. Then he turns over, onto his back, again.

He lays back and wanks hard on his stiff cock. The wanking soon results the the creamy cum releasing from that sitff cock. Then Ivan goes off to the shower to clean up.

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