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William Higgins – Lubos Zeman – HELPING HAND

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Lubos Zeman is a very good looking guy. He lays on the sofa feeling over his body and reaching into his jeans to grope himself. He removes his tee shirt and shows off his sexy chest as he gropes.

Then he opens his jeans to give better access, reaching deep inside. Lubos pushes the jeans down a little, showing off his pubes as he pulls on his cock. The cock is pulled out as the jeans are lowered further. Fully naked he wanks that cock and rubs his balls. As he strokes his cock a helping hand arrives and begins to feel over Lubos chest. Then the helping hand oils his hands and rubs that sexy chest some more. Lubos Zeman nipples are squeezed and rubbed. Then more oil is used to coat Lubos cock as the hands get to work on it.

That oily cock gets hard as it is ruubed and the balls are cupped. Then Lubos turns over, to lay on his belly and show off his sexy ass. The hands rub all over his back and shoulders. Then they move down to his sexy ass. The ass cheeks are massaged and then spread to show the tight hole. More oil is taken into the hand and a finger rubs over Lubos tight ass hole. Then it pushes into the hole a litte too. That finger starts to probe deeper, gently fucking the hot hole. With the hole opened a little two fingers start to fuck deep inside. Lubos is moved onto his knees letting his ass cheeks part nicely. The two fingers slide back into that hot hole and continue to fuck.

Then Lubos moves again, turning over onto his back with his legs in the air. The fingers work that ass hole some more going all the way inside as they fuck. Then the fingers come our and his cock is wanked. Lubos lowers his legs as his cock is oiled again and wanked hard until it gives up some cum.Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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