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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Filda Daneska – HOT ASS

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Filda Daneska is a very hot guy. He feels good as he runs his hands over his body. A helping hand is soon opening FIlda’s shirt to reach in and feel his hot chest. Fillda’s hand is in his jeans groping his cock as the hand run over his body, tweaking his nipples too. The hands run over Filda’s groin too, opening the jeans to release his stiff cock. Oil is dripped onto the cock and the jeans pulled down. That cock is wanked as Filda rubs his chest.

With the jeans off and his cock rock hard Filda’s legs are raised to show off his hot ass. The hands spread the cheeks to pull on that hot hole. Oil is dripped onto the hole and a finger rubs over it. That finger soon slips into the hot ass hole and goes in deep. That sexy hole is finger fucked hard. Then another finger is used to fuck that hole hard. The cheeks are pulled wide to really show the hole which soon feels two fingers pushing in. They go deep into the hole, right up to the knuckles. Filda Daneska takes the fingers well as he holds his legs over his head.

A vibrator is pushed deep into that hot ass and stays in place as the cheeks are rubbed and given a little spank. Then that toy fucks his hot hole, pulling out and the sliding all the way in again. That sexy ass gets fucked so hard by the toy which goes in and out, showing off the gaping hole when removed. Turning over, onto his knees Filda presents that ass for more action. A large dildo fucks deep into the hole, stretching it wide and fucking it deep.

Then Filda lays on his back and wanks his cock. Slowly at first he gradually builds up until with frantic tugging on is cock he releases his hot cum.

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