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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Ivan Zrzek vs Alexandr Jander – WRESTLING

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Alexandr Jander and Ivan Zrzek are the two hotties who are paired up in this wrestling match. Dressed in only underwear they begin with some stretching exercises. Then the match begins and the guys are soon rolling all over the mats, playfully pulling at the underwear. Alexandr’s ass is soon bared as Ivan manages to pull off the underwear which exposes Alexandr’s cock and balls too.

They grapple with each other, moving all over the floor. Alexandr manages to pull the underwear from Ivan too and then gets a very good neck hold which gives him the first point. With dicks poking out in front they start the 2nd round and are soon rolling all over the floor as they get to grips with each other. They are very playful and spank each other as well as grabbing at cock and balls, but they still do get some good holds. The cocks flail and the asses are fully exposed as they continue rolling all over the place as they try to get a good hold. Ivan does just that, with a good neck hold and he gains his first point.

In round 3 there is more cock and balls squeezing, grabbing at each other, as well as spanking ass, but still they try to gain a good hold. A hard squeeze of Alexandr’s balls gives Ivan another point. Then the guys take a rest as they oil each other all over. They resume the match, and slide everywhere as the oil has its’ effect. The bodies glisten as they grab and grapple. With a good hold Alexandr wins another round. He quite quickly wins the final round too, gaining the overall victory. Then the guys sit on the mats and start to wank. They are persuaded to wank each other for a short time too as the cocks get hard.

Alexandr Jander pulls hard on his nuts as he wanks the cum from his cock. Ivan continues wanking as Alexandr milks himself dry. Ivan’s cum is soon delivered too, shooting over the floor. He milks himself dry too and then they clean each other off before going off to shower.

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