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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Max Burda – HOT ASS

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Sexy Max Burda is sleeping, naked, when he is approached by a helping hand who reaches out and begins to feel the hot body. The hands are soon rubbing Max’s sexy ass and adjusting his hairy legs to expose his hole.

The hands spread the ass cheeks to show the hole which opens up nicely. Max sleeps on as his hot hole is lubed and a finger pushes deep inside. The hairy hole takes the finger easily as it fucks all the way in. Then the finger comes out and the cheeks are spread to show the open hole. Then that finger goes in and starts to fuck. One finger isn’t enough so two push into the hot hole, slowly fucking until they are both all the way inside. The hand fucks the fingers deep into the hot ass hole.

Then they are removed and that sexy ass is given a spank too. The fingers push back into the hole and then then come out to show the gaping hole. Max is woken and moved onto his knees. He reaches back to spread his ass as the hand fingers that hole some more. As Max pulls on the ass cheeks that hole opens so wide. It it ready for the dildo that is pushed into it. The toy presses deep inside, stretching the ass lips. Then the toy is removed to show the gaping hole again.

Max grimacces as he feels the dildo fucking deep into his ass, but he takes it so well. Then the dildo is removed and Max’s cock is pulled back between his legs and wanked. His balls are cupped as the cock is wanked. Then the dildo fucks into the hot hole too as the cock is wanked. More lube is applied and the dildo fucks back into the open hole, going all the way in and pulling out again. That hole gapes so wide as the cheeks are spread. Then Max is turned onto his back.

He holds his legs up, making his ass available for more action. Oil is dripped onto his cock and rubbed in. Then a different toy is slipped into his ass hole. As his ass is fucked by the vibrator his cock is wanked hard too. The toy comes out of the ass to be replaced by a finger as that cock is wanked.

The cock is wanked hard and fast until it gives up the hot cum. Then it is milked dry, while Max still shows off his hairy hole.

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