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William Higgins – Tomas Maier – EROTIC SOLO

Tomas Maier is aged 21 and he lives in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Is isn’t currently working, and does some studies. He enjoys hiking, swimming and jogging. He looks very sexy as he sits on the sofa and does his interview. Then he lays along the sofa and begins to feel his body through his clothes. He slides a hand under his rising tee shirt to feel his chest. He also reaches into his jeans to grope himself.

Opening the jeans Tomas Maier slides a hand into his underwear too before removing his tee shirt. Then as he rubs his sexy chest he also gropes his cock and balls in the underwear. Tomas takes off his jeans and continues feeling himself. The underwear bulges as Tomas’ cock gets hard from his groping. He rubs the stiff cock through the underwear. He pushes the fat cock out of the side of his underwear and continues to rub it. He takes hold of the cock and starts to wank it as the balls begin to escape from the underwear too. The underwear is removed and Tomas wanks hard on his big, fat, cock as he also continues to feel his body. As he wanks on the cock the forekin is worked back and forth over the head and off again.

That big cock head glistens as the cock is wanked. The balls tighten at the base of the cock too. Then Tomas turns over, half kneeling on the sofa, to present his ass. Reaching back Tomas rubs a hand all over the sexy ass as he shows off his hot hole too. That ass hole looks so inviting as Tomas Maier rubs his fingers over it. He then turns over and holds his legs in the air. That shows off the hot ass and the tight hole again as he wanks on his fat cock. He uses both hands to rub over the ass cheeks, pulling on them to spread further.

Again the fingers rub over the hot hole as well. Lowering his legs Tomas Maier then wanks that big cock again. He keeps wanking until that cock erupts to shoot the cum in 11 distinct spurts of hot cum. He milks every last drop out of that cock and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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