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8Teenboy – Touching Twinks – Trevor Harris & Miles Pike

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Young, hung and horny, Miles Pike and Trevor Harris heat up the screen, AND one another in a torrid teen make out session while grappling for groin! The boys BOTH have huge cocks and stuff their faces full of meat at this all you can eat boner buffet.

After choking down Pike’s uncut piece, Harris sits back like a big dicked boss and let’s the boy return the favor while he checks the dude’s oil. With his hot little hole primed and ready for action, Miles Pike squats right down on the dude’s “D!” The pretty pair quickly get a righteously, raunchy rhythm going with Trevor’s palms on those smooth cheeks to help the pump.

Keepin’ it spicy, the dicknamic duo switch roles and Harris gets rammed raw on all fours. He looks back at his boy with that beautiful face of his as Miles bangs his beautifully smooth booty. Trevor’s rock hard tug bounces back and forth with each thrust before he grabs it, and shoves it back up Miles’ hungry hole.

Trevor tears into the guy’s tush till his fat phallus spits all over his shredded torso. Travis pulls out and joins the party.