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Boys In The Storm – Elio Pjatteryd and Tony Keit

Shaggy-haired twink boy Elio Pjatteryd and his equally sexy friend Tony Keit are enjoying a little game of badminton on a cloudy day, but the arrival of a threatening storm soon encourages the two to head for shelter and the opportunity for some BoyFun.

They don’t get very far before a smooch on a hillside along the way leads to young Tony dropping to his knees to suck on the oversize uncut cock of his blond pal. But while some tasty outdoor oral pleasure might be a whole lot of fun these two lovers need somewhere warm and dry to continue their romp.

We join them at home, quickly stripping out of their damp clothes and soon feasting on the delicious dicks poking up from between their legs.

The slim duo spend a while lovingly worshiping their friend’s drooling dong but with Tony’s hairless little hole up and ready for some licking Elio dives right in. His tongue gets to work in his hole, wetting the boy with skill, preparing him for his bareback inches to slip in deep.

With a ride on that big erection and the slimmer twink laying back for a deeper pounding Elio fully takes charge, pumping his long meat in and out of his pal’s perfect pucker until they can’t hold back their juicy loads any longer.

A double wank finale has their milky splashes spurting out all over Tony’s smooth body and the two are finally bringing their games to an end, but probably not for long.

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