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BoysFox – Bruno Spurts His Twunk Cum

Smooth young star in the making Bruno Porta likes to make his own teasing pics and videos to send to guys he wants to hook up with, and you know plenty of them respond right away when they see that tight 21-year-old body.

He’s currently looking for a few new hot boys to fuck around with but before he gets to the meetings, he has a hot load of cum in his balls needing to be released. Inspired by the visuals of so many guys ready for his dick he unbuttons his shorts and gets to work on his long uncut cock, swelling up hard in his tight little yellow undies. His clothes come off and we get the chance to admire that ripped twink body, his incredible abs and pecs are enough to have any admirer ready to meet up but when that long and rigid cock is freed from his underwear it could only seal the deal.

His bull balls bounce and swing while he strokes his stiff one, precum seeping from the cum hole to be smeared around his swollen helmet. Fully naked and laying back on the couch he closes his eyes and imagines those guys who want to meet him, continuing to jack his cock and show off his tight little hole. He’s such a skilled masturbator he knows exactly what his cock needs, rubbing his tender tip and wanking his meat with both hands, finally focusing on his cresting pleasure as he pumps his meat in his fast-stroking hand to get the hot cum splashing from his helmet to rain over his awesome abs.

With his twunk cum spilled it’s time to take another pic to send to the guys who would love to be there to lick up the mess he’s made, and we would all count ourselves among them.

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