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College Boy Physicals – James Fuklin

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I was so excited to leave my shitty one horse town and come to a big city to go to school. I suffered with depression so I always used jogging and running to deal with that stress. It was a blessing when I found James Fuklin out the college had a track team…so I signed up for it. Unlike my small town..the college needed a physical in order to join the team so I went to the clinic to get a physical. I was so nervous..

I always went with my mom to the doctor but I mustered the courage to go alone. Inside the exam room was really fucken cold. I was a bit nervous and was hoping I’d get a male doc. Luckily, in walks a tall male doctor. I almost giggled when he said his name James Fuklin.

As he took my heartbeat I could almost feel his eyes undressing me. He had that creepy look older guys give me but since I’m so used to it I didn’t let it bother me. Within moments I was undressed and in my underwear with his hand on my dick. This was a first for me.. I got aroused by his touch and almost without hesitation..he took off my underwear and started to jack my dick. I was a little nervous at first but I let the feeling take over…within a few minutes I was busting my sticky load all over his hand.