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Hard as a Rock – Andy Reyes and Roman Capellini

It was our first anniversary, and I didn’t know where Andy was taking me, but I knew it would be sexy. Then we stopped and kissed on a rock as the stream flowed at our feet. I reached towards Andy’s dick, and he was hard as a rock. I pulled his sweatpants down and wrapped my mouth around his thick cut of meat. I could feel it still growing in my mouth as I reached the balls. All that sucking made me hard, and Andy was right there to get it wet. I was in the mood to get fucked and ready for a good pounding. Andy moved behind me to give me what I wanted as I lifted my ass for his dick. He slid inside me, and I felt the pleasure racing through my body. We fucked around that secluded spot until both our sacks were empty, and I was covered in spunk.

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