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Jawked – Playful Playlist – David Lee and Jack Flynn

Step-dad David Lee is still trying to bond with young Jack Flynn but although he wasn’t expecting to do it like this the handsome man isn’t complaining. He probably isn’t really too interested in the music the young man is listening to at the start of this Jawked video but when Jack entices him into getting his big uncut dick out David finds they have more in common than he thought.

It’s obviously not the first time this straight man has had a bit of fun with a cock other than his own and when Jack decides he wants a taste of that daddy dick he’s glad to have his uncut meat in the boy’s mouth.

More than that, when the boy gets naked too and shows off his own big teen cock David Lee is quick to get his own lips around the fleshy member for some friendly sucking.

It could have finished with a friendly cum splashing but young Jack is interested in more than a taste, straddling his step-dad’s rigid prong and easing his bareback hole down on it, riding the handsome man while his own longer twink dick slaps and bounces wetly.

Seeing an opportunity to take charge David gets the boy on his knees, buggering that fleshy little ass from behind before flipping the twink over and driving in deep again, humping into that raw young hole and ending with a cummy bonding finale.

No doubt the taste of that daddy cum will have the boy on David’s side.

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