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Raunchy Bastards – Bromance Is Bliss – Ashton Silvers and Liam Kyle

Both Ashton Silvers and Lim Kyle are hot young bucks, so I knew that getting them together would be a great fuck. After all, Ashton had told me he much prefers to top, and Liam is the quintessential bottom boy (when he’s in Florida visiting me, away from his girlfriend). So, regardless of backstories, I was expecting fireworks.

The guys began strong, and Liam in particular enjoyed getting his ass eaten out. Ashton definitely has some skills in the rimming department! Liam, on the other hand, definitely stood out sucking Ashton’s cock. With both guys rock hard, I could tell the butt-fucking would be superb.

Sure enough, the fucking was great – after a bit of a rough start. Liam, you see, gets fucked so infrequently that it definitely took him a minute or two to loosen up. Ashton was patient though, and he wanted that prize – to breed Liam. Well, by the time they were on their third position, Liam was getting his G-spot hit, and he was jerking his hard dick furiously as Ashton Silvers pounded him. Amazingly, Liam let out a massive load of jizz, and within seconds Ashton started cumming too. He let the first few spurts sink deep into Liam’s cum-hungry hole, but even as he pulled out the streams of love juice just kept on coming!

I love it when guys cum at the same time; it usually means that there is some great chemistry. Perhaps there’s a budding bromance here?

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