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Str8Hell – Andrej Vs Ben – WRESTLING

Ben Stolar and Andrej Opeka are paired in a submission wrestling match. As they enter each is wearing only underwear. Then begin by doing some stretching to loosen muscles.

Then the match begins as they start to grapple with each other. Very quickly the guys are rolling around on the mats and Andrej pulls down Ben’s underwear exposing his ass and his cock too. Ben replies similarly, soon getting Andrej naked too. With the sexy asses spreading as they wrestle the roll all over the mats. Andrej soon gets a good neck hold which results in the first submission, gaining him a point. Both guys have a hard cock as they restart. The cocks flair as they wrestle.

They seem intent on spanking each other too as they roll around. Ben takes things further, trying to rub his dick on Andrej’s face as he straddles him. But they do also try to gain a point with a submission which happens for Ben as he gets a decent hold. Then they take a break so that they can oil each other all over. The slick and slippery bodies are more difficult to grip as they restart. They roll around, spanking each other sometimes and grabbing at cocks too. It takes a while but Andrej Opeka takes the lead when Ben submits again. They slip and slide all over the place with Ben grabbing at Andrej’s cock and balls to get his next point. It is another neck hold which gets the winning point for Andrej. Then the guys settle down to wank. They get hard and give each other a little wank too.

Then Andrej wins the race to cum, shooting his load over the mats. Ben continues wanking until he cums too. They clean each other off and then go to the shower to wash up.

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