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Tony’s Tight Ass – Andy Ford and Tony Milak

If a boy like Andy Ford wants to entice you into some BoyFun instead of going to work then I think we all agree we would think up an excuse for being late and have our dick out in seconds.

Gorgeous Tony Milak seems to agree, it doesn’t take a whole lot to convince him to abandon his record of punctuality to feast on some stiff young boner with his boyfriend.

With just a little making out on the bed their clothes are quickly coming off and their big juicy uncut cocks are revealed from their pants.

Both these boys have a lot in common, from their good looks to their horny personalities, but the impressive erections they have are so perfectly matched it’s hard to choose who should be bottom after they’ve sucked and slurped each other so diligently.

We know both of these boys are more than capable of enjoying a good ride on a friend’s big erection and they’re equally skilled at delivering the goods, too.

Ultimately it’s Tony volunteering his naked little hole for his friend’s big bare boner to fill, getting fucked on his side, from behind and finally on his back, his own dick stiff throughout while young and hung Andy pounds his pucker.

With a wank off to finish both boys spurt their milky cream from their bulging inches and Tony can finally jump in the shower before heading off to work, with his big meat emptied and a spring in his step.


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