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William Higgins – Mirek Kolen – EROTIC SOLO

Mirek Kolen is aged 18 and he lives in Prague. Currently without a job he enjoys his friends and loves to go hiking and to dance. Sitting on the edge of the bed he does his interview. Then Mirek moves over to stand in front of the mirror. He raises his tee shirt and runs his hands over his sexy chest. His pants are opened and he rubs himself through his underwear.

With his cock hard in the underwear Mirek Kolen rubs it. Then his releases the stiff cock and pushes the underwear down. He wanks his rock hard cock, using saliva to rub over the head too. That big cock stands proudly erect as Mirek steps out of his underwear. He plays with his rock hard dick, wanking it more as he checks his reflection in the mirror. He also tweaks a nipple as he wanks. He wanks hard as he feels his chest. Then Mirek lays back in a chair and raises his legs to show off his ass.

That shows off his tight hole which is rubs with a finger. He wanks his stiff cock and slips a finger into that hot hole. He then pushes his cock down to show it nestling against his hole. He continues wanking his cock and then turns to the side and gives his sexy ass a spank too. Moving back to stand in front of the mirror he wanks that cock hard until it gives up the creammy cum.

The hot cum drips from the big cock head as it is milked dry. Then Mirek Kolen goes off to the shower to clean up.

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