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WilliamHiggins – Radek Cerveny – EROTIC SOLO

In a lovely Dreamset we see Radek Cerveny as he lays on the bed, fully clothed, and feels himself. A helping hand joins him and begins to run hands over Radek. The hands push up Radek’s tee shirt to rub his sexy chest and tweak the nipples. A hand squeezes Radek’s groin too. He removes his tee shirt as the hands open his jeans, which are then removed. Radek’s underwear is groped as the bulge begins to grow.

The cock is squeezed in that underwear and then it is pulled out so a hand can wank it. Radek’s balls are pulled out of the underwear too as he gives himself a bit of a wank. He releases the cock so the hand can feel it and then rub oil over the head. The hand coats the cock in oil and wanks on it. Then the underwear is removed and more oil is dripped onto that stiff cock. That rock hard cock is wanked as Radek’s chest is rubbed too. His balls are felt as well. Those big balls are squeezed too. Then the hands run all over Radek’s sexy body. He legs are raised into the air to expose his hot ass and the tight hole.

He holds his legs up as that tight hole is rubbed, and coated in oil. The tight hole feels fingers rubbing on it as the cock is rubbed. More oil is applied to the cock too. A finger probes Radek’s tight hole as his cock is wanked. The finger works in and out, going deeper into the hot hole. It fucks gently into the ass as the stiff cock is wanked. The balls are tight at the base of the shaft as that hot hole is fingered deeply. The finger is replaced by a thumb pushing into the ass hole as Radek’s cock is wanked too. Radek moans as his cock is wanked hard. He lowers his legs and moves onto his knees, presenting his ass again.

That inviting hole is soon oiled again and then fingered some more. The big cock is pulled back between Radek’s legs and wanked some more. Then he lays on his back to have his cock wanked some more. The wanking gets faster and faster which results in the hot cum being released onto that sexy body.

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