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Fabien Roley and Tony Cisser

Prison’s one of those places where we all imagine a lot of sex must happen. This week’s film from Jalif explores that exact fantasy, complete with the old-school black-and-white striped uniforms mixed with new-school kinkiness!

Fabien and Tony sit on a bench in a prison cell, giggling, talking filthy to each other. It’s not long before Fabien is hard as concrete and kneeling up with his giant, curved dick springing out of his pants. Tony, who happens to be handcuffed, immediately gets to work, sucking Fabien enthusiastically as his cell mate thrusts his dick ever deeper into the compliant bottom boy’s hungry throat. Tony gives unbelievable head; exactly the right blend of saliva and suction. Fabien moans and groans, instantly transported into a state of deep sexual bliss.

Fabien has one hell of a dick; they don’t come much bigger than his. Tony is unflustered and, after a good ten minutes of slurping on it, he encourages Fabien to lie down on his back so that he can slowly lower himself down onto the monster.

Still in handcuffs, Tony rides the super-hung top vigorously, slamming his tight ass down onto Fabien’s enormous member over and over again. This is pure heaven for both of these horny jail birds, neither of whom have had sex in far too long!

A change of position finds Tony on all fours with Fabien kneeling up behind him, powerfully thrusting with increasing energy as the sweat pours down his face. Fabien pulls out and the two men lie next to each other, furiously jerking their humongous dicks. Tony is the first to cum, all over his belly, and Fabien swiftly follows suit, with an impressive load which squirts all over his muscular thighs.

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